Safe and Sound by Elephant Stereo

Album cover for Safe and Sound

Safe and sound is one of the early examples of my music. It's the first collection of songs I have that was meant to be a cohesive work. Many of the songs were remixed and redone on later albums, for example Eclipse Day which appears in my album How do you feel today?.

There are other songs that were removed from the album and still have yet to be released by me.I composed the album in my parents basement with the aid of too many freeware programs, and demo versions of drum machines.

Most of the drum sounds were synthesized by me as well, resulting in some creepy sounding electro percussion that I continue to use to this day. This work is different from some of my other work, because of it's repetitiveness.

At the time of creating this I was interested in repetitive music and annoying sounds, particularly how annoying sounds can become soothing after being repeated on and on.

The song forms are pretty basic, however the songs are some of my most colorful. The album is loosely about an airplane that stalls and quickly drops through the sky.

All the passengers on the plane are forced to face the possibility of dying, but the airplane comes back on and returns to normal and everyone survives.