Bring in the Ghost the 6th elephant stereo album

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1. turn on the charm
2. birds nest in the lions mouth
3. birds driving cars
4. hypnotized airtraffic controller
5. desert chateau
6. wheelchair.mp3
7. go run into something
8. talking dog
9. scare train japanese demon
10. ladies and gentlemen thank god the war is over
11. new mexican headrush
12. bring in the ghost

Bring in the Ghost is an album I made mostly from general MIDI sounds. Despite being made from mostly sounds that producers rarely use for being too "cheap" or common, the album has a lot of variety, and shows what you can do with just a little.

The album uses many effects processors that were digitally created by me and feature unique methods of processing. All sounds that are not general MIDI or field samples were synthesized or sampled by me.

The second track of the album 'Birds Nest in the Lion's Mouth' is in the style of sonata form. The album was made with inspiration from modern classical composers in particular John Adams. The first track serves as a prelude.